OK, Let's Get Our Stories Straight

Why You Should Tell Your Story Help an old guy whose rememberer is on the fritz.  Frank Fitzgerald ( 1/54)

Remember? Poem by Warren Blair (6/62)  

Corporal Punishment It wasn't me, Sister. It must of been someone behind me.

Remembering the "Smokers" Catholicism and pugilism and celebrities! Larry Bernet ('63)

My First Day Adventure Art Harris ('63, HS '67) remembers crayons and Brylcream, and watching dust particles in the sunlight.

My Return to St . Pascal's Mary Trecartin Culhane (Jan. '54) travels back.

A Visit to St. Pascal's and St. Albans It is a beautiful day and Bob Maloney ('45) invites us to pedal along with him through "the old neighborhood."

Mary's Hat Charlie Hesse (1/47) and the babushka thing.

In A Story Charlie Hesse considers long pants and Windsor knots.

All Kinds of Memories Marie Antignolo Gill (grade school '63), on her first day, knocks over "a good sized statue of the Blessed Mother" but later scores extra plenary indulgences.

The New High School's First Occupants Elizabeth Signorelli Christy on the first day of school in an unfinished building.

The Oratorical Contest Jack Maloney (6/46"Sixty different versions of Lincoln's noble words might have proved interesting indeed."

Only One Hour From Broadway Mickey Maloney ('48) recalls a 40's "Showboat" performed in white top hat and tails made of paper.

Remember When?  Robert Obach (1/54) recalls his first day of school.

First Day Tears Denise Ryan Comstock ('61) would, perhaps, prefer to forget it.

Memories  Helen Titus Crume (1/54) and a curling iron from the Inquisition.

All About Ed  Ed Dobler ('42) sailed to 65 countries and then became a sheriff in Montana.

Your Story Here  Some exciting subjects you might want to write about. 
How to Submit  (Your stories, that is.) 


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