Sending in Stories or Images   

Regarding anything you might like to write about:
The door is wide open for good experiences, bad experiences, regrets, "thank yous," or a straight-forward recording of history or SPB folk lore. It would be great if you could email your pages, but if you can't, typewritten pages by US mail is fine. Also, the forum at would be a good place to publish them. The advantage is that they will go online immediately. Lately, it has taken me many months to get around to doing updates to this site.

Photos & other images for this site: 
Unfortunately, given my time constraints, the only photos I am soliciting and accepting now are group graduation pictures and anything showing the priests, nuns, school, church or neighborhood that would be of general interest to the wider SPB classmate audience. If you have such images, please use these directions to send them in:

  • Stick them in an envelope and drop it in the mail (contact me for address).  I find that the Post Office gets a bum rap and are pretty reliable.  You might want to sandwich your shots in between two pieces of corrugated however.  And please be sure to include some notes describing the pictures (street locations, and dates if possible). 
  • If you have a scanner (assuming your pictures are black and white) scan them "Grayscale" or "Black & White Photo" (or whatever is appropriate) at 150 dots per inch, 100% size, and save as a PNG file. Save them on your computer and email them to me (maximum 5 MB per email; contact me for address) as an Attachment.
  • If you don't have a scanner, go to a place like Kinko's and have them scan your photos. Follow the instructions above. Should questions arise, go with the advice of the technician. You can then download the files to your computer and email them as an Attachment (contact me for address).
  • You could also send the files on a CD by U.S. mail  (contact me for address). Please include some descriptions of the photos.

Your personal photos and images:
Photos of your childhood, present life, family, class reunions, etc. can be uploaded to one of the many free photo album web sites, such as or After doing this, you can then go to our forum at and post a note about them and include the URL (web address) of your collection. Folks could then follow your link to see the photos. This grouping I put on might demonstrate what can be done with this easy to use technology. Make sure to click "Slideshow."  If you have any problems mastering this technology, contact me and I'll try to walk you through it.

Good luck and happy trails,



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